Our guests support our mission to help these areas of El Salvador prosper by bringing in more resources for education, work and security. As owners of Casa Del Golfo, we are striving to help our beach: El Maculis, and other nearby neighboring beaches and communities of the eastern side of El Salvador including Punta Amapala, Las Tunas, Torola, Playas Negras, Playas Blancas, Las Mueludas, and El Tamarindo. To accomplish this project we need more than a few entrepreneurs to assist us, because of that we are currently seeking governmental and mayoral support to increase tourism in these areas, which has been lacking since the 1980’s.

By staying with us, you are not only experiencing a new culture and new sights in a stunning location, you are supporting our local communities and endeavors to bring this area of El Salvador back to life.


The Maculis is part of the complex of beaches that form Punta Amapala, starting from the west with Las Tunas; followed by Torola, which is mostly dedicated to artisanal fishing, Playas Negras, Playas Blancas and El Maculis -whose traffic has decreased  since the early 80s- and then ends with the beaches surrounding the Jaguey, which are located within the Gulf of Fonseca: Las Mueludas and El Tamarindo.

All of these beaches benefit from the project and it was planned to involve them from the beginning of the first phase, but for this support to be successful, the project needs to go beyond the entrepreneurship of a few. The support of the central government and the corresponding mayor’s office is needed.

Sunset Playas Blancas Casa Del Golfo
Sunset Playas Blancas Casa Del Golfo
Sunset Hotel Casa Del Golfo
Maculis Beach
El Tamarindo Beach - Hotel Casa Del Golfo
El Tamarindo Beach - Hotel Casa Del Golfo